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Thursday, 08 March 2012 12:57

Brilliant Boats industrial design roots mean that the interior is never considered in isolation. You could say this is where we come from. Our years designing furniture and interiors, both corporate and private were not wasted.

The Superyacht experience is about a lot more than style. It’s also about intelligent flow and space planning, lines of sight, light, presentation and attention to detail after detail after detail. The complicated whole needs to be reduced to simple impressions, luxurious in their “rightness” and unspoiled by the practical necessities of running a ship.

We arranged the public spaces first. This gives us the basic geometry around which the rest is wrapped. Or more accurately threaded through, over, around, and between, as well as wrapped. The interior design of a modern yacht is as much about what you don’t see as what you do. Plumbing, electrical, fire suppression systems, HVAC, AV and sound systems, communications, security and alarm systems are all incorporated seamlessly because we give them a home from the beginning.

A typical interior package would include a set of detailed arrangement drawings, elevations (4) and a reflected ceiling plan for each space in the vessel, a detailed material specification as well as general cabinet and moulding details.

We can continue with material sourcing, and as much additional construction detail as is required by your contractor.

Cabinet Shop Drawings to Complete Interiors

Brilliant Boats can provide you with a set of shop drawings for the construction of a particular item of furniture, through to the entire interior based on the machinery and resources available to you on site.

In cooperation with previous build partners we can now offer a complete interior service; A team of dedicated yacht interior professionals in design, manufacturing and installation and Interior Project Management. We have successfully completed projects together up to 60m.

What we offer to our clients is full 3D development of the interior installations. In a similar way to how we build the structure of our vessels, we “build” every piece of the interior fit out in our construction model, including pipes and other technical installations that will affect the final interior. We construct our models based on data supplied by the architect and builder, but also by controlling as built dimensions as we move through the process. Carcassing is drawn according to as-built structure, and interior finishes are built according to as-built caracassing. We then export part by part what is required for each contractor, so each one has every detail of what he needs to do his part of the job, and each understands where his work will affect, or indeed be affected, if the man before or after him in the space hasn’t got his bit right.

What this means in practical term during this supercritical stage of any build, is that all of the habitual interference and access issues are solved on the drawing board, not in the boat. It also means that diverse teams can proceed in parallel with interrelated aspects of the build, all off site, rather than having to compete for space in the boat. Custom fridges, built in appliances, Corian, stonework or other specialist items can all be built off site, according to an agreed drawing set and tolerances, and then arrive on site just in time to be installed.

In Turkish:

Superyat ic mimari tasarimi konsept ve tarzin yaninda zekice dusunulmus detayli bir mekan planlamasini da icermektedir. Luks anlayisi bir teknenin isleyisi icin gerekli teknik gereksinimleri engellememelidir.

Yat ic mimari tasariminda Brilliant Boats olarak oncelikle genel kullanim alanlarini duzenleriz, bu bize geri kalan alanlarin temel geometrisini verir. Yat ic mimarisi aslinda gorunmeyen alanlarin tasarimidir; tesisat, elektrik, havalandirma, ses, iletisim, guvenlik ve alarm sistemleri de bu tasarimdan bagimsiz dusunulemez. Brilliant Boats'u diger ic mimari firmalardan ayiran sey hazirladigi detayli 3 boyutlu model icinde bütün ic mimari unsurlarin teknik ve birleşim detaylarıni yerlestirerek, teknik tesisat ve teknenin yapısalı ile ic mekanlarin ve mobilyanin arasindaki iliskiyi en basindan koordine etmesidir.

Hazirlanan bu 3 boyutlu model sayesinde uretim asamasinda mobilya ve ic mekan unsurlarinin teknenin yapisaliyla veya diger sistemleriyle herhangi bir uyusmazlik yasamasi onlenebilmektedir.

Tipik ic mimari paketimiz;

yat icerisindeki her mekanin detayli genel yerlesim plani,

konsept gorselleri,

kesit/gorunusler ve gerekli detaylar,

tavan ve aydinlatma plani ve materyal spesifikasyonu icermektedir.

Brilliant Boats bunlara ek olarak istenildigi takdirde atolye uretim cizimleri de hazirlamaktadir.